Naming a brewery is not an easy task, but as history nerds, we quickly realized we were drawn to the idea of celebrating the rich heritage of the San Gabriel Valley. Over several beers, we thought about which historical place or story would interest visitors to our brewery. We wanted a warm, inviting feel to our brewery and when the concept of Mount Lowe came up, we knew it was a perfect fit.

The Mount Lowe Railway was the third in a series of scenic mountain railroads in America created as a tourist attraction on Echo Mountain and Mount Lowe, north of Los Angeles, California. The railway, originally incorporated by Professor Thaddeus S. C. Lowe as the Pasadena & Mt. Wilson Railroad Co., existed from 1893 until its official abandonment in 1938, and had the distinction of being the only scenic mountain, electric traction (overhead electric trolley) railroad ever built in the United States. Lowe’s partner and engineer was David J. Macpherson, a civil engineer graduate of Cornell University. The Mount Lowe Railway was a fulfillment of 19th century Pasadenans’ desire to have a scenic mountain railroad to the crest of the San Gabriel Mountains.

We could go on forever about how cool we think Mt. Lowe was and how we incorporated the railway into our brewery, but we think you’d enjoy it more if you see it for yourself. Come visit us, grab a beer, and learn more about our story and the story of Mt. Lowe.

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