Our brewery was founded with blood, sweat, and beers. We started out as beer fans brewing at home in 2010, just trying to find the perfect science of making beers that tasted unique and were brewed with precision. As our home brewery earned more and more loving fans, we kept hearing that we should open up our own brewery. It was a cool thought, but we were brewing on the side and running successful businesses full time.

The suggestion grew on us over time. We loved brewing, loved serving people awesome beer, and loved being crazy meticulous about our quality. In November of 2014 we decided it was time to follow our dreams and open up a warm, inviting brewery for everyone to enjoy. One year later, after literally building our brewery up with our own hands, we opened the doors to Mt. Lowe Brewery.

Mt. Lowe is built to be different. We want our beer to be perfect, so we source quality ingredients and uphold the highest standards in keeping our brewing equipment clean. Our brewing process is temperature controlled from start to finish, delivering you a consistent quality beverage every time and we are members of the California Craft Brewers Association, LA Brewers Guild, and the Brewer’s Association.

Our unique vision for the perfect brewery doesn’t stop there. We wanted families to be comfortable joining us, so our booths are built with comfortable seating and we have plenty of games for kids (and grown up kids) like air hockey, darts, board games, foosball, and more.

Visit us to try our beer and have fun with the whole family.